Rivitalizzazione di Piazza della Libertà – Durazzo (A)

Today Liria square shows itself as the result of an accumulation of heterogeneous
materials, whose stratification in time has to be interpreted as wealth within a
contemporary project capable of building functional and formal hierarchies through the
declared sequel of choices.
That is to say it is necessary to give a new aware role to the surrounding architectures and
that today are foreigners one to the other: the town hall, the mosque, the prefecture, the
palace of culture, the recent many-floors building.
It is necessary to evaluate the certain archaeological patrimony and the possible
recoveries, giving continuity to a poetic route among the ancient remains, which must not
feel under pressure for the presence of vehicular traffic or of impending old and new


Ettore Vadini – capogruppo
Carlo Pozzi
Milton Liebentritt de Almeida Braga
Alessandro Buongiovanni
Massimo D’Arcangelo
Alessandro Luigini
Giampietro Di Pietro